Hope of Light

Our organization is called Hope of Light civil society organization. It is non-profitable and non-governmental organization established and registered by F.D.R.E Civil Society organization Agency by law of the proclamation of 1113/2011 to provide medical service mainly on Maternal Health. By Maternal Health, especially on surgical treatment of women with obstetric fistula and other pelvic floor disorders. It also provides training on surgical skills for fistula repair, and quality fistula care for qualified health professionals and for those who are on pre-service training to study different health profession and conduct outreach programs to identify obstetric fistula patients and prevention of obstetric fistula.

Hope of Light commenced its activities at the three Fistula Centres; Assela, Gondar and Jimma Fistula Centres that are existing in Amhara and Oromia regions. The three centres are established and working in reintegration with three Universities Hospital namely; Assela, Gondar and Jimma University hospitals. These Centres are run by Hope of Light and the universities mentioned above. The main activity of the organization is to deliver treatment to women with obstetric fistula and other pelvic floor disorder who are unprivileged, poor and live in a very remote rural part of Ethiopia and has no enough money to get medical service. Hope of Light cover the treatment cost for these women with the support it gets from Ethiopia Fund, Ethiopiaid UK, Canada and Australia.

Location of our Project sites

Hope of Light has 3 main project sites.
These are;
• Assela Fistula Center,
• Gondar Fistula Center, and
• Jimma Fistula Centres.

Assela Fistula Centre (AFC)

Assela Fistula Centre (AFC) is 170 km South East of Addis Ababa. It is located in the premises of Assela University Hospital. It can accommodate 21 beds that are completely dedicated to patients with obstetric fistula and other pelvic floor disorders. AFC covers the population living in Arsi, Bale, East Hararghe and East Shewa zones of Oromia region.

Gondar Fistula Centre (GFC)

Gondar Fistula Centre (GFC) is 657 kms North of Addis Ababa, located in the premises of Gondar University Hospital. The Centre can accommodate 65 beds and all beds are completely dedicated to patients with obstetric fistula and other pelvic floor disorder. GFC covers fistula patients from North Gondar and South Gondar Zones of Amhara Region.

Jimma Fistula Centre (JFC)

Jimma Fistula Centre (JFC) is found 351 km West of Addis Ababa, located in second floor of Jimma University Hospital. One wing on the second floor of the building dedicated to patients with obstetric fistula and pelvic floor disorders. JFC consists of 24 beds and provide service for patients from Jimma zone of Oromia region and Dawuro, Keffa, Gedeo and Sheka zone of Southern Nation, Nationalities and people's Region.


Hope of light aspires to bring a strong community network that is actively engaged in providing treatment and prevention of obstetric fistula and its related complication.


• Provide competent and holistic care to obstetric fistula patients in Ethiopia.
• Enhance the knowledge and skills of health care workers in specialized Hospitals on quality fistula care.
• Increase the sensitivity of health care workers towards obstetric fistula patients.
• Increase the awareness of the community on the reality of obstetric fistula.
• Provide accurate and timely data about obstetric fistula.

Our Members

Hope of Light’s Team Members are;


Dr. Ambaye Weldemichael

Executive Director



Genet Kifle

Financial and Administration Head



Dr. Kalkidan Daniel

Project Manager



Hermon Atlabachew

Social Worker & Logistic Officer